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Please visit these pages for free advice if you’ve been injured in an accident. By reading through some of these web-pages, you’ll find valuable information that will help you if you have been injured in an accident in Hawaii.  Of course, if you still have questions after reading this information (or even before reading this information), please feel free to call or email us to discuss any questions you may have about Hawaii’s car accident injury law.  Whether you just have a couple of questions, or you want us to represent you in an accident injury case, we are happy to help in any way you would like.

After years of representing the people of Hawaii, we’ve developed a deep commitment to helping people who have been injured in auto accidents to get the compensation they deserve.  With our extensive experience in helping our clients get the settlements, they deserve for their injuries we’ve developed proven techniques to obtain maximum compensation for our client’s injuries.  We’ve freely shared much of our knowledge of the Hawaii auto accident claims process on the web-pages above.  Whether you hire our law firm or someone else, we just want the people of Hawaii to get what they deserve when they’ve been hurt in a car accident.  

Now that you’ve looked through some of our web-pages to learn more about the Honolulu injury claims process, we encourage you to give us a call to answer any other questions you may have.  You don’t need to worry about us pressuring you in any way when you call.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised that we’re ready to answer any questions that you may have and that we won’t try to persuade you to hire us.  We’re confident in our abilities as Hawaii personal injury lawyers and we know that we have the experience and knowledge necessary to get you what you deserve for your injuries.  We’ve developed a reputation for excellence over the years and we obtain most of our clients through referrals from former clients.  At the end of the day, whether you hire our law firm or another law firm, please just make sure that you hire a lawyer to be at your side to make sure that the insurance companies don’t take advantage of you.  

Insurance adjusters can be very deceiving. They will “talk a good game” and make you feel like they would do everything they can to get you the help that you need.  They train their adjustors to act very nice and helpful and to convince you that it’s not necessary to hire a lawyer.  Their first goal is to make sure you don’t hire a lawyer and if you’re going to hire a lawyer eventually, they want you to wait as long as possible.  The reason why they want you to wait as long as possible to hire a lawyer is that the more time goes by, the more problems that will arise in your case.  They will try to get you to put off hiring a lawyer for as long as possible until it’s too late and irreparable damage has been done to your case.  

At what point should you hire a lawyer?  Right after the accident.  That’s the best time.  The second to best time is right after you get our of the emergency room.  The third to best time is before you call the insurance companies.  Yes, you should hire a lawyer even before you call your own company.  Believe it or not, even your own insurance company will do whatever they can to pay out as little as possible.  They may not treat you as bad as the other driver’s insurance company because they would rather not lose you as a customer.  However, if it comes down to paying out a lot for a claim or losing you as a customer, they would rather lose you as a customer than to pay out a big claim.  After all, there are plenty of other customers out there.  Everywhere you turn you’ll see insurance company ads trying to convince us to switch companies.  

As you can imagine, injury laws can verify complicated.   When you’ve been injured in an accident, education is the key to evening out the battlefield with the insurance companies.  They want the injury laws to be as complicated as possible so that they can avoid paying as many injury claims as they can.  By reading through the webpages above, you’ll be better equipped to take on the insurance companies so that you can get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.  Of course, you can always call us with any questions you may have.  We’re here to help.  Whether you just want to ask a few (or many) questions, or if you want to hire us, we’re here for you either way.  The bottom line is that we want to help the people of Hawaii get the money they deserve when they’ve been injured in an accident.  Taking on the billion-dollar insurance companies is like David taking on Goliath.  However, don’t forget, David beat Goliath, and you too can “beat” the insurance company and get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.  

Now that you’ve read through some (hopefully many) of the web pages on our site, you’re better equipped to take on the insurance company to get the settlement you deserve.  The question is whether you should go at it alone or not.  There’s extensive information on our web pages to help you make a claim with the insurance.   If you haven’t read through some of those pages, we highly encourage you to do so.   If you look through some of the web pages on our site you may feel like you know almost everything there is to know about making an injury claim in Hawaii.  We put all of this information here for one reason: we want you to get the compensation you deserve.  Believe it or not, our main objective is to help the people of Hawaii get compensated when they’re been injured in an accident.  

Even though some people may decide to try to handle their case on their own, there are still many who decide to hire an injury lawyer.  Maybe it’s similar to me trying to change my own transmission.  Yes, it may be possible if I read and study enough about how to do it, but even though I may be able to figure it out, I would much rather hire someone else to do it for me.  A mechanic who has years of experience at changing transmissions will likely be able to change my transmission much quicker and much better than I could if I tried to do it on my own.  If you would rather have someone with over a decade of experience help you with your case, it’s much more likely that the case will go much smoother and have much better results than if you try to do it on your own.  

Unfortunately, some cases don’t settle and we’re forced to take the case to Court.  Taking a case to court is much more complicated, expensive, and time-consuming than simply settling a case.  The problem with trying to settle an injury case on your own is that insurance adjustors most likely won’t take you very seriously because that assumes that you won’t have the ability to pursue the case in Court.  If you try to settle a case on your own and end up having to go to court, it may be very difficult to find a lawyer who is willing to help you on a contingency basis.  It’s similar to me trying to change my transmission and then, when I’m halfway done, deciding to hire someone to finish it for me.  I’ll probably have a very difficult time finding a mechanic that will want to take over where I left off.  After all, the mechanic will have no idea if I made any mistakes that may make it impossible to finish the job.  

Although it may be possible to handle your Hawaii injury claim on your own (especially with all of the information available on our website) it’s probably a better idea to just hire a personal injury lawyer to do it for you.  Yes, you’ll have to pay the lawyer a third of your settlement, but it’s better to have two thirds of a large amount than to have a hundred percent of a small amount.  

A little more free advice:

Be patient.  Although everything in the world seems to be getting faster and faster, unfortunately, the injury claims process still takes as long as it did ten years ago.  It takes time to obtain all of your medical records and bills (usually a couple of weeks).  It takes time for the insurance adjustor to review all of those records and bills (usually a few weeks).  If you want your lawyer to get you as high of a settlement as possible, then it will take time for him to negotiate with the insurance adjustor.  To get the biggest settlement possible, your lawyer will need to show that you aren’t desperate for a quick settlement and you’re willing to wait until the adjustor offers a fair amount for your injuries.

Be reasonable.  Settlement amounts are based on how serious your injuries are.  If you have mild sprains and strains than the insurance company won’t offer as much as they would if you had fractured bones or needed surgery to repair your injuries.  Also, you need to accept the fact that insurance companies can’t offer more than the policy limits that their driver purchased.  Sadly, there are many drivers in Hawaii that don’t purchase very high insurance policies.  However, you can rest assured that your injury lawyer will do everything he can to get you the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.  Don’t forget that your lawyer receives a percentage of the settlement, so it only makes sense that he’s going to do everything in his power to get you the biggest settlement possible.

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