Injured in a Car Accident
While on Vacation

Injured in a Car Accident While on Vacation in Hawaii

It seems like all too often people come to Hawaii with the dream of having a wonderful, memorable vacation, only to have their dreams shattered due to another’s negligent driving. 

Although all auto accidents are unfortunate, it feels especially wrong when people are injured while vacationing in Hawaii.  This is why we do our very best to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries, especially when you are injured in a car accident while on vacation in Hawaii.

Although our law firm focuses primarily on auto accident injuries, we do accept some slip and fall cases if the injuries were significant and the accident occurred at a store.  We don’t handle injury cases at hotels or on public walkways.  If you were injured at a hotel, we recommend that you call an injury lawyer who specializes in hotel accident injuries.

The following is some advice if you have been injured in a vehicle accident as a tourist in Hawaii.  First, you should hire an injury attorney from Hawaii  (hopefully us).  We get a lot of calls from tourists who hired an injury attorney in their home state, or even their home country, only to find out that they will also need to hire an injury attorney licensed in Hawaii.

An injury attorney who does not practice in Hawaii will not be familiar with the accident injury laws in Hawaii.  These insurance injury laws can vary greatly from state to state.  Also, your attorney will not be able to pursue your case in Hawaii courts unless he is licensed in Hawaii, or works with an attorney from Hawaii.

When we do work with an attorney from another state, that attorney often ends up just being an unnecessary middle-man which can also lead to you having higher attorney expenses and costs.  

People who call us often wonder if they will be able to pursue their Hawaii car accident claim without coming back to Hawaii.  We have many clients who returned back home after their vacation and hire us at that time.  This is not a problem at all.  We are able to handle everything with our clients over the telephone, through email, and through regular mail.  

We have settled many injury cases over the years for clients who we never even met face to face.  In the virtual world that we live in, this is becoming more and more common, even for people who live in Hawaii and don’t want to take the time to come to our office to meet us.  We simply handle everything through email and regular mail.  

Basically, we are here to help our clients in the most convenient way possible for them so that they can get the maximum compensation possible with the minimum hassle on their part.  

It’s well known that Hawaii is one of the top tourist destinations in the country.  Over eight million tourists come to Hawaii each year.  About five million tourists come from the United States and about three million tourists come from other countries.  On any given day there are over 200,000 tourists in Hawaii.  The total population in Hawaii is about 1.4 million, so this means that about 15{89dbfedb6e0214d7558426d9d549a7dae37f65e87d36bc556b8e2af4ab5c2a40} of the people in Hawaii at any given time are tourists.  

One could conclude from these statistics that at least 15{89dbfedb6e0214d7558426d9d549a7dae37f65e87d36bc556b8e2af4ab5c2a40} of the auto accidents in Hawaii involve tourists.  It’s probably even much higher than this because tourists are unfamiliar with the roads, with local laws, and with their rental cars.  This probably leads to much more than 15{89dbfedb6e0214d7558426d9d549a7dae37f65e87d36bc556b8e2af4ab5c2a40} of the total motor vehicle accidents in Hawaii each year. 

We have been helping tourists injured in auto accidents while on vacation in Hawaii for many years.  Many tourists call us after they have returned home and are concerned that they may not be able to pursue an injury claim because they are not physically present here in Hawaii.  

We quickly reassure them that they do not need to be here in order to pursue a claim for their injuries.  We have had many clients over the years who are either injured on vacation and return home or who move away after beginning an injury claim here.  

We’re able to continue to communicate with our clients via telephone, email, and mail.  New clients are able to sign up with us by simply responding to some questions in an email and then signing an online contract.  

Almost all of our cases settle without going to court.  When we settle the case we will mail you the document from the insurance company in which you agree to the settlement.  The Hawaii auto insurance company will then send us the settlement check which we will then mail to you.

The only situation when it can be inconvenient for you to not be physically in Hawaii is if we are unable to settle your case and we need to proceed to litigation.  During the litigation process, you may need to be physically in Hawaii for a deposition, for arbitration, and for the trial.  

Some defense attorneys have agreed to take our clients’ depositions via Skype and some have agreed to let our clients call in for the arbitration.  In these injury cases, our clients only had to return to Hawaii for the trial.  

The best advice that we could give to tourists who are injured in car accidents while on vacation in Honolulu is to not call a local lawyer where they live.  There is no reason to contact a lawyer who is not licensed in Hawaii and does not know the local accident injury laws.  

If you make the mistake of hiring a lawyer who is not a Hawaii car accident lawyer than this will just cause delays and possibly increased attorney fees.  We often receive calls from lawyers who are not in Hawaii who take a case for someone who was injured on vacation in Hawaii.  Of course, they are calling for our help and are offering to split the attorney fees.  

We rarely take these cases because it is possible that the attorney who does not know Hawaii’s car accident lawyer may have already made critical mistakes in the case.  Do yourself a favor and just call a Hawaii personal injury law firm from the beginning.

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