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    Why in the year 2020 is the public still so uneducated when it comes to the rights of bicyclists?  Not only are drivers still not watching out for bicyclists on the road, but once a driver causes serious injuries to a bicyclist, their insurance company essential condones the negligent behavior of the driver by often claiming that the bicyclist was at fault for “going too fast”, “coming out of nowhere”, “not taking appropriate steps to avoid a collision”, etc…

    Sadly, these, and many others, are excuses that we have heard over the years from insurance adjustors who just don’t want to admit that their driver wasn’t watching out for our client who was legally riding a bicycle on the road.

    In a day and age when traffic congestion is getting worse and worse, our society should be encouraging more people to ride bicycles as a form of transportation.  It’s a great solution for traffic problems, pollution problems, and problems with limited supplies of natural resources.

    There are countless reasons why we should be encouraging people to ride bicycles; unfortunately, our perceptions of bicyclists in our society impacts the way adjustors view claims resulting from bicycle collisions and ultimately what a jury awards someone who has been injured in a bicycle collision. 

    This article is a plea to all of us to be more aware, more understanding, and more patient with bicyclists.  Hopefully, if we all start to work on these shortcomings, our society as of whole will be more accepting and protective of bicyclists.

    Unfortunately, bicycle accident injuries are all too common in Hawaii.  The great year-round weather in Hawaii makes it possible to bike to work and school almost every day of the year.  This year-round use of bicycles in Hawaii naturally leads to year-round accidents involving bicyclists.

    Another reason why there are way too many bicycle accidents in Honolulu is that the drivers of motor vehicles do not watch out for bicyclists.  It is human nature to only worry about what may cause harm to oneself.

    Drivers do a pretty good job of watching out for other motor vehicles because they know that those other vehicles can cause major damage to their own vehicle; however, bicycles simply aren’t capable of causing very much damage to cars and trucks.   This is why drivers aren’t naturally inclined to keep a careful lookout for pedestrians on bicycles and foot.

    There is a great imbalance between the seriousness of injuries that a negligent bicyclist can cause to a driver of a motor vehicle versus the injuries that a motor vehicle can cause a bicyclist.  For this reason, there must be a much greater responsibility on the driver of motor vehicles to watch out for bicyclists.

    It’s unfortunate that way too many drivers in Hawaii don’t take this responsibility seriously.  They fail to consider how much harm they could do to another human being by simply not being an attentive driver.  All too many lives have been ruined and lost due to negligent and reckless drivers in Hawaii.

    We have gained extensive experience over the past decade helping the people of Honolulu who have been injured in a bike accident.  We contact the insurance companies involved.  We obtain the police report.  We make sure that our clients are getting the treatment that they need and that the bills for that treatment are being paid by the negligent driver’s insurance.

    We are always available by telephone or email whenever our clients have any questions.  Lastly, we help our clients get the compensation that they deserve for their pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and all other damages.

    We don’t charge our clients until we get them a settlement for their injuries.  Our clients know that we have their best interests at heart because our interests are lined up with theirs.  We receive a percentage of our client’s settlement; therefore, our clients know that we will get them as big of a settlement as possible.

    We offer free consultations if you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident in Honolulu, on Oahu, or anywhere in Hawaii.  You have nothing to lose, so call us today.

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