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Hawaii is the Most Dangerous State in the Country for Senior Citizen Pedestrians

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A recently published report confirmed what we have guessed for many years, which is that Hawaii is the most dangerous state in the country for senior citizen pedestrians.

Click here, to read the article about this recent report.  

The report explains that 42% of the fatalities on our roads in Hawaii involved people who are older than 65.  Only 15% of the people in Hawaii are over 65.  This is a staggering statistic.  We've been discussing this huge problem for years.  We used to argue that the reason why so many fatalities in Hawaii involve older people is because there are so many elderly people in Hawaii.  This report debunks this argument.  

The article discusses some of the possible explanations why the roadways in Hawaii are so dangerous for seniors.  One explanation is that they have to look down more to avoid falling so they aren't able to look left and right as frequently as others can.  Another explanation is that they have to rush across the street and end up falling down and being hit.  Both of these reasons make sense, but they are just a small part of the reason for this serious problem in Hawaii.

Others argue that there need to be safety improvements made throughout the state.   No doubt this is also a good explanation. The state should certainly work on improving the safety devices throughout the state.  Each fatality should be carefully reviewed and the state should take preventive measures to ensure that everything is done to avoid any other fatalities at the same location.


Although there are many reasons and explanations for why Hawaii is the most dangerous state in the country for senior pedestrians, as an injury lawyer it is our professional opinion that the number one reason is because drivers are not being careful enough.

Way too many drivers are driving distracted.  They are either texting, talking on their phone, changing the radio station, putting on makeup, or eating while they are driving.  


When are people going to realize that driving is serious business.  When you're driving a 5,000 pound hunk of metal around, you have to exercise as much care as possible.   One mistake or distraction is all it takes.  People don't realize how easily they could ruin their life, not to mention the lives of other people by their decision to drive carelessly.  

Injury lawyers could go on all day about how many lives they have seen completely ruined due to inattentive driving.  Too often our society defends someone who has ruined the life of another person due to their distracted driving.  We say, "he's not a bad person...he didn't mean to hurt anyone...his life shouldn't be ruined because of one mistake..."  No, vehicular manslaughter is not the same is murder.  But, we can't forget that manslaughter is still the result of someone's wrong decision.  Just because someone didn't intend to hurt another person doesn't make it right.  The fact of the matter is that if you make the decision to drive distracted or carelessly, this is a decision that you made.  By making such a decision you are saying that you are willing to risk someone else's life so that you can get somewhere faster or do something that you shouldn't be doing while driving.  

Way too many people drive with the false assumption that they just have to watch out for other cars.  It is critical that all drivers keep an eye out for pedestrians and bicyclists.  This can be difficult as they may not have lights or reflective clothing, nevertheless, it is still our responsibilities are drivings to do everything we can to watch out for them.  

Pedestrians and bicyclists should also do their best to avoid injury.  Check out the following link for pedestrian safety tips.

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